The Swiss Alps Summer Camp/Winter Camp is located in Siviez and Nendaz in the high mountains of Valais, Switzerland. It has the world-class infrastructure of campuses, camp accommodation and camp activities. Co-founder, Harry. Zhang had studied MBA in Switzerland and has many years’ experience of international team management and committed to undertakings of exchange between Chinese and foreign education &cultural. Another Co-founder, Swiss-born Sebastien.Luo has lived and worked in Switzerland since childhood and is proficient in five European languages ​.He has more than 10 years’ experience of education and management in primary and middle school of Switzerland, and is very familiar with natural and cultural environment of Switzerland and Europe. Especially in the area of educational and leisure industry

It is always our goals of drawing on the strengths of cultural and educational resources of Europe, promoting youth exchanges among all countries (including adults), and fostering children's international vision from an early age.

he entire camp can accommodate 480 people and is attended by local Swiss and young people from all over the world. Serious, honest, caring and professional are the tenets of our education. The alpine summer /winter camp focuses on cultivating the development of young people's morality, energy, intelligence and body. The winter camp features a guide and an introduction to beginners. The ski resort is one of the top 4 ski resorts in Switzerland and ranks among the top in terms of infrastructure quality.

Switzerland: Rue de Morat 51,1700 Fribourg,Swiss


Office Phone: +41763297229